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Onsite Renewable Planning & Impllementation

On-site Solar/Distributed Generation:

Prudential can help assess the viability and benefits of on-site renewable generation. Show your customers and employees that you take sustainability and environmental protection seriously by self-generating your own renewable energy. Imagine the pride your employees will feel driving past a ground mount solar array as the come to work each morning `{`too much?`}`

Reduce cost, positively impact the environment, hedge future energy pricing, maximize ROI, keep operating in grid down scenarios, flexible financing options, etc.


EVs are undoubtedly the future. Many of the largest auto manufacturers in the world have set ambitious targets to phase out internal combustion engines entirely within the next 10-15 years. As EVs demand a larger and larger share of the automotive market the demand for charging stations is on the rise as well.

Many companies are now pushing emissions reductions throughout their supply chain. Delivery and transportation are a huge component of emissions for many companies. EVs can help in multiple ways. Electrifying your fleet vehicles helps reduce your Scope 1 Emissions from direct vehicle ownership, while allowing your employees to charge their vehicles while at work reduces your Scope 3 Emissions comprised of employee travel.

Whether you want to pilot a single location with a pair of EV chargers, or are looking for help creating a plan for a nationwide rollout across dozens of sites, either way, Prudential can guide you through the process and be with you every step of the way.

Onsite Renewable Planning & Impllementation

On-site renewable generation has a number of advantages, even beyond the “green” factor. Whether it is rooftop or ground mount solar, wind, geothermal, biogas, fuel cell, or any other technology, the ability to self-generate creates a complex, yet opportunistic, scenario on how to dispatch the resource the most effectively and economically for your given electric utility rate or retail electric supplier contract.
Prudential will not only facilitate the initial review, planning, permitting, construction, and commissioning of your on-site renewable power source, but we will also match that with our 20 years of procurement and consulting experience to work with retail energy providers and/or regulated utilities to create the most advantageous contracting structure for you, thus saving hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.
Fuel Cell

Developing Your Solar Energy Strategy

  • 1

    We conduct an energy strategy consultation with you to understand your goals and objectives and help determine the ideal renewable energy solution for your organization.

  • 2

    We assess the feasibility of each renewable energy option (both onsite and offsite) and provide recommendations on which would best achieve your desired results.

  • 3
    RFP Process

    As an independent consultant, we will develop a Request for Proposal (RFP) on your behalf, then review offers gathered from numerous renewable energy service providers.

  • 4
    Energy Impact Analysis

    We provide a renewable energy impact analysis to compare past energy usage to future state–once you are leveraging renewable energy.

  • 5
    Cash Flow Analysis

    We will provide a cash flow analysis report showing the impact of renewable energy on your organization’s bottom line.

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