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Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

- PPAs are long term, usually 10-25 years, contractual agreements between an energy producer and an energy buyer.

- The seller exchanges the power produced at a facility, firm or as-generated, to a buyer for a stated rate. These rates can be fixed or have escalators, where each year the price increases at a predetermined percentage.

- These long-term agreements provide a level of revenue certainty for the new project, thus securing financing, which facilitates the projects construction. Traditional PPAs are physical delivery contracts, whereas the power is delivered from the generation site to the buyer’s meter via the existing transmission and distribution (T&D) grid.

Virtual Power Purchase Agreement (VPPA)

VPPAs carry many of the same components as a traditional PPA, but there is one major difference. A VPPA is a financial instrument sometimes called a Financial Power Purchase Agreement or a Contract for Differences (CfD) because physical power is never actually delivered to the buyer’s meter.

Instead, the power that is generated to sold back into the wholesale market at the current market rate, or to another buyer with an alternate or second tier contracting structure.

VPPAs are traditionally a good option for buyers that want to purchase renewable energy, but are not located in a deregulated ISO/RTO. VPPAs are also good options for buyers that have operations spread across many locations and regions. A VPPA allows these buyers to aggregate their load and make a single purchase where accomplishing this individually is either not feasible or economical.

VPPA Risks

Deep expertise in risk assessment and rate data modeling
Market Risk

-Pricing Correlation
-Negative Pricing
-Covariance Risk
-Market Reorganization
-Output Decisions

Accounting Issues

-Derivative Accounting
-Dodd-Frank Compliance

Term Length

Will Not Offset Local Utility Bills

Shape Issues
Duck Curve

-Load Matching

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