Carbon Offsets & RECs

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Carbon Offsets

Simply defined, a carbon offset represents the reduction or prevention of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.This offset activity traditionally takes one of two forms.

An action taken by an individual or entity that decreases, or entirely prevents, a certain amount of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) from entering the atmosphere, such as preventing methane from a landfill or sustainable farming techniques that prevent excess carbon from being released.

An action that increases carbon sequestration, such as planting trees as part of a forestry project or capturing carbon dioxide already in the atmosphere and placing it into long term storage.

Renewable Energy Credits (REC)

A REC is the verified instrument that creates tangible proof of renewable energy production. Upon delivery into the electrical grid the REC and the power are separated. The REC is delivered to the buyer and either sold, “banked”, stored for future use, or retired for voluntary or compliance obligations. REC pricing is determined by supply and demand for the attribute, and a REC can change hands an infinite number of times.

RECs can serve as a good first step for buyers looking to green up their power consumption at a reasonable cost. The way a REC is certified, generation type, the ISO, and even the state of creation all play major factors in the value of a particular REC.

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