Data-Driven Guidance

Analysis & Insights

Fluctuating energy markets and hidden commodity costs make it a challenge for organizations striving to sustain a cost-effective energy management plan. By utilizing regional data analytics and focused market intel, we assist companies to eliminate the guesswork associated with making critical energy supply decisions.

Buying Opportunities

Energy markets and the inputs that drive them are constantly changing. Utilizing data insights and extensive market knowledge, our team brings the big picture into focus. By investing in resources and technologies, Prudential Energy has developed automated internal systems for capturing real-time energy market data points. Our systems track historical and futures market trends, which enable us to identify market low points for hedging opportunities.

Each regional market is unique with variable components, regulations and driving forces. Detailed utility rate examination, regional data and advanced metrics allow our team to deliver strategic energy cost reduction recommendations to our clients.

Consumption Analysis

We analyze a variety of factors prior to making supply recommendations. Load shape and usage patterns are analyzed for opportunities to customize the purchasing strategy. Our in-depth expertise in understating rate structuring allows us to focus on energy products that yield a lower cost based on each facility’s unique consumption.

Strategic Commodity Sourcing

- Back-testing and forward modeling
- Intra-contract negotiations
- Regional pricing point optimization
- Over/under volume and cost management
- Opportunistic hedging program (algorithmic)

Opportinistic Hedging

Active Commodity Management

- Real-time market data tracking & recommendations
– Identifying favorable transaction opportunities
- BasisWatch™
– Daily tracking and trend analysis
- Strike-Price/trigger optimization
- Existing TC renegotiation
- Algorithmic hedging

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