Enterprise Dashboard

The Challenge

  • As a large organization, you have 100’s of energy supply and renewable energy contracts. Besides tracking and access to this critical information across your organization, you also need monthly/quarterly reporting accesible when you need it. Are you still wasting time reaching out to team members or having to look back in your outlook to find contracts and reports?
  • There are many stakeholders and facility managers that need access to energy related documents and reports. Additionally, these team members have ongoing questions and needs with respect to the energy management program. Are these team members having to go through you to get answers? Are there ineffeciencies and silos in your energy management communication cycle?

Our Solution

We offer a best in class cloud-based client support platform for your entire organization. Our energy management dashboard provides access to critical energy information and documentation as well as a live client support exchange.

Contract Lifecycle Management

Client Support Ticket Exchange

Reporting & Documentation

Calendar & Activities

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