Battery Storage & Distributed Genration

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Peak Load Shaving

Peak load shaving is the ideal option for a facility who needs to reduce power consumption quickly and for short periods of time. This is typically done via activating an on-site power generation system or battery storage.

Batteries can reduce peak demand automatically by simply setting the desired peak threshold.

This can be used to reduce demand charges for users with fluctuating loads.

Storage of Local Solar Power

Storing local renewable energy sources such as solar power from rooftop panels or wind turbines stored into battery storage systems allows for flexible load shifting.

Batteries can reduce or eliminate grid power usage by time-shifting excess solar power from daytime to nighttime, and can also cut grid costs for end users by simultaneously providing solar power storage, peak shaving and demand charge reduction.

Distributed Generation and Microgrids Provide Cost Savings & Resilience

Prudential provides the critical expertise required to properly analyze existing infrastructure and determine feasibility.

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