Risk Management

a proactive approach to risk management...

Each site must be reviewed based on the specific regional market and site-specific load profile. As with budget development, our team reviews the current hedging strategy with the client, and will discuss successes and failures experienced under the current strategy, as well as risk tolerance and potential variations in strategy moving forward. Our recommendations are client specific, and involve initial review of several components:

* Overall hedging strategy review: fixed vs index positions, triggers, techniques, etc:
* Percentage of volume under fixed vs market rate
* Review of any rate triggers, floors, ceilings, collars, etc. Where are triggers set, and how often?

Once we have a full picture of the entire strategy, our team will work within any previously discussed parameters to develop a hedging strategy formulated to match clients needs related to market exposure vs budget certainty.

Overall strategy will be monitored on a constant basis, taking effectiveness of strategy and constant changes to market dynamics into account. Our goal is to maintain a competitive portfolio position when compared with the market, while eliminating price risk volatility.

Customized Risk Management

Take the guesswork out of making hedging decisions

Our proprietary algorithmic approach to mitigating risk and price volatility

Consumption Analysis

Our supply desk takes an in-depth look at a variety of factors prior to making supply recommendations. Load shape and usage patterns are analyzed for opportunities to customize the purchasing strategy. Our in-depth expertise in understating rate structuring allows us to focus on energy products that yield a lower cost based on each facility’s unique consumption.

Energy Product Expertise


  • Day ahead / day-ahead / DA index
  • Real time / real-time / RT index
  • Block and index
  • Load following block and index
  • Energy Only
  • On peak / on-peak block
  • Off peak / off-peak block
  • Fixed block
  • Fixed/index with
  • Heat Rate

Natural Gas

  • Nymex / Nymex+ / Nymex plus
  • Nymex LDS
  • Nymex last day settle
  • Nymex monthly settle
  • Nymex index plus basis
  • Regional basis
  • Regional index plus adder
  • Gas Daily / gas daily daily / GDD
  • First of month
  • Firm supply

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  • Strategy & Pathway
  • Cost Reduction
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Data Automation & Tracking
  • Energy Transformation