KPIs and Progress

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Tracking key performance indicators (or KPI’s) is a well-known, crucial process for any business. Measuring sustainability KPIs allows you to keep track of progress and see where improvements are needed in order for sustainability goals to be met.

One of the major obstacles when measuring these KPIs is that there’s an extensive list with some difficult decisions about what exactly needs tracking; defining which metrics will lead towards improvement can be challenging at times.

We help organizations define metrics and establish KPI’s. Our proprietary cloud-based sustainability platfrom automates data collection, tracking and emissions reporting.

Establishing Your Sustainability KPIs

The success of sustainability and ESG programs depend heavily on tracking performance metrics and reporting. A commitment to transparency and accountability helps strengthen your sustainability initiatives.

Financial Metrics

Cost/benefit analysis, internal rate of return, return on investment. These metrics are critical and internal communnication is a must.

Environmental Metrics

Energy consumption reduction, transition to alternate fuels, carbon emissions reductions, water conservation, waste reduction

Social Metrics

Supply chain management. Employee diversity reporting and health and safety. Community prosperity.

Tracking &

AI enhanced data collection & tracking.
Sustainability Transformation Platform.

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