Invoice Data Automation

Centralized Invoice Data Capturing Platform

Reduce your energy operating expense by avoiding utility providers’ usage/cost errors and eliminating late fees. Instantly gain visibility into your usage and cost data across your facility portfolio. Once on-boarded, 100% of your utility invoice capturing process and granular invoice data is automated. Our intelligent utility invoice data platform will automate your invoice capturing process across all locations and all utility categories.

Powerful Tools & Insights

Centralized access to utility data across all commodities & locations

Bill Acquisition, Validation, & Variance Reporting

Invoice/AP Processing & Bill Pay Services

Disaggregated Usage & Cost Reporting Tools

Facility Benchmarking & ENERGYSTAR PM Integration

Weather Normalization Logic

Greenhouse Gas & Emissions Reporting

Custom Grouping & Hierarchy Reporting Logic

Interval Data Automation & Reporting Suite

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