Strategy & Pathway

Our Solution

We partner with companies at all stages of their sustainability journey, ranging from those who are just getting started to those that have well-established carbon neutrality goals.

We believe that achieving ambitious sustainability goals begins with a strong sustainability strategy.

Our solutions are tailored to what will best help you increase deployment of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects – while also balancing cost, risk and time constraints.

Sustainability Momentum is Accelarating

Pathway Guidance

Baseline & Footprint Assessment

Carbon emissions calculation, baseline year/data for measurement, KPIs

Industry Analysis & Brand Positioning

Industry research and identifying expectation, today and in the future

Develop a Risk Averse Strategy

Analyze risk/reward of each step (i.e. risks of a VPPA) to verify alignment with goals

Options Evaluation & Viability

What options are available to you? Cost and risk assessment. Stakeholder buy-in

Project Implementation

Manage the progress of all initiatives from start to completion.

Measurement & Tracking

Measure projections against real world performance on an ongoing basis

Our Difference & Value

Tell us about your current energy challenges...

We will provide you with specific solutions that will meet your exact needs.

  • Strategy & Pathway
  • Cost Reduction
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Data Automation & Tracking
  • Energy Transformation