The RNG Opportunity

RNG solutions for both producers and off takers.

Project level guidance through the generation and monetization stages.
RNG marketplace for buyers, sellers, developers and investors.

RNG: A Real Cash Cow

The transportation sector is the largest emission generator. Therefore, government/states offer massive incentives for renewable natural gas used in the transportation sector. Types of environmental credits:

Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS)

Federal environmental credits: Renewable identification numbers (RINs)

Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS)

California based program. Fuels with low Cabron Intensity (CI) scores generate valuable LCFS credits

Oregon Clean Fuels Program (CFP)

Oregon based program offering reduced carbon intensity incentives.

Capitalize on RNG Projects - For Scope 1 Offsetting or for Profit!

Want to meet decarbonization goals or invest in physical renewable projects?

Renewable Energy Financing

Many companies are looking for ways to finance renewable projects that will be cost-effective, yet help the environment and our future generations.

Prudential Energy has created a valuable marketplace which includes renewable energy buyers, sellers, developers and investors. We bring the necessary parties together to make renewable energy projects happen.

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