Sub-Meter & Interval data

Sub-Metering: Determine exactly when and where energy is being used

Electrical Submetering measures consumption data beyond the master meter. This allows for usage data measurement of a specific piece of equipment or circuit. This insight typically can lead to significant cost savings via reduced peak-load demand as well as other synergies. Our energy data software allows you to tap into your sub-meter data on the same dashboard as your invoice data, allowing for powerful benchmarking and analytics.

Interval Data: What portion of hours are meters or facilities at their demand peak?

Interval data allows you to zone in on meters with low load factors. Once you've identified this inefficiency, behavioral change or a simple BAS adjustment can flatten your load and lead to significant cost savings.

  • Sourced from both utility/supplier, and local submetering infrastructure
  • Easily aggregate, disaggregate, and export meter data in standardized formats

Beyond the meter savings

- High peak demand charges directly correlate to time-of-use.
- Sub metering + load segregation provides the framework for peak load shaving and shifting your usage away from peak hours.

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