Product Structuring

Consumption Analysis

Our supply desk takes an in-depth look at a variety of factors prior to making supply recommendations. Load shape and usage patterns are analyzed for opportunities to customize the purchasing strategy. Our in-depth expertise in understating rate structuring allows us to focus on energy products that yield a lower cost based on each facility’s unique consumption.

List of energy products

  • Eletricity
  • Day ahead / day-ahead / DA index
  • Real time / real-time / RT index
  • Block and index
  • Load following block and index
  • Energy Only
  • On peak / on-peak block
  • Off peak / off-peak block
  • Fixed block
  • Fixed/index with
  • Heat Rate
  • Natural Gas
  • Nymex / Nymex+ / Nymex plus
  • Nymex LDS
  • Nymex last day settle
  • Nymex monthly settle
  • Nymex index plus basis
  • Regional basis
  • Regional index plus adder
  • Gas Daily / gas daily daily / GDD
  • First of month
  • Firm supply

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