Microgrid Consulting

Distributed Generation (DG) and Microgrids have never been a hotter topic.

For decades, the prominent strategy of power generation in the US was to have large, centralized plants, generally located a long way from the load they serve, and then transmit the power over long distances through high voltage transmission lines. Disadvantages:


Large generation plants and transmission lines are extremely expensive and time consuming to construct, and with the electrical markets deregulating there are less and less vertically integrated utilities that have the ability to rate base these capital-intensive projects.


The current power gird is non-diversified. A single point of failure anywhere along the pathway could cause hundreds of thousands of people to be without power for days.


As the population increases, finding large swaths of land and easements to construct new plants and transmission lines is more and more difficult. Plus, NIMBY concerns are greater than ever.

Microgrids provide a localized solution

Prudential Energy will analyze the existing infrastructure and create a tailored plan based on your individual needs. From conception, to implementation, to end of useful life decisions, Prudential Energy will be there with you every step of the way.

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Tell us about your current energy challenges...

We will provide you with specific solutions that will meet your exact needs.

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